Expert Underground Gas, Electric and Communication Lines Installation and Repair in the Greater Seattle Area

Master Bore offers expert residential and commercial underground gas, electric and communication lines installation and repair using both traditional trenching and trenchless methods. Call today!Underground gas, electric and communication lines installation and repair offers a wide range of benefits over traditional above-ground alternatives. As you consider the needs of your own residential or commercial underground utilities project, the following are some reasons we recommend taking the underground route.

No Visual Impact

Simply put, underground power lines look better since they’re invisible. Overhead lines are visually intrusive and alter the way a neighborhood looks. Underground power and communication lines don’t visually detract, increasing property curb appeal while requiring less space than above-ground lines.

More Resistant to Weather

Underground power lines are less exposed to atmospheric conditions, providing a greater degree of reliability in harsh weather conditions when dependable lines are most needed.

Longer Life & Lower Maintenance

While initial installation of underground power and communication lines is higher cost than traditional above-ground installation, the potential savings over time and the minimization of power and communication loss risks make underground appealing from both a financial and dependability standpoint. On average, underground lines have a lifespan of 50 years, easily outlasting their above-ground counterparts and with lower maintenance costs since they’re better protected.

Trenchless Underground Gas, Electric and Communication Lines Installation & Repair

underground line installation and repairWe’re firm believers in the trenchless approach to line installation and repair. While we’re best known for our sewer line installation and repair and directional drilling and boring services, our superior trenchless technology is an excellent solution for underground power and communication line installation and repair. Trenchless avoids trenching and excavation that disturbs landscaping or concrete/asphalt work, saving you money and cutting down on the number of contractors needed to complete your project.

Bury Your Power & Communication Lines

Schedule a complimentary appointment to speak with one of Master Bore’s expert team about your utility needs. We’ll ask questions to fully understand your situation, then make initial recommendations. If underground transmission lines aren’t right for your location, we’ll be quick to say so. Our licensed, bonded, insured and family-owned company always puts customers’ interests first. Whether your need involves electric utilities, water lines, sewer or waterproofing and drainage services, contact us for expert advice and services today!

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