3 Great Reasons to Choose Underground Utility Installation in Auburn

When it’s time to place or replace utility lines, there are a number of good reasons to consider underground utility installation in Auburn.When it comes time to place or replace utility lines in rthe Auburn area, there are a number of very good reasons to consider underground utility installation in Auburn for residential and commercial properties. Obviously underground lines are more aesthetically pleasing, but they also help you avoid some common hazards that can interfere with power and telecommunication transmission. And using directional drilling technology, installation or repair is quick and convenient with minimal ground disruption. Read why underground power and communication utilities placed similarly to water and sewer lines are a good idea.

Fewer Outages During Severe Weather

While heavy wind, rain and snowfall can bring down power and communication lines at any time of year, it usually happens in the Northwest during the most vulnerable times. There’s really no way to protect above ground utility lines from the force of wind gusts, debris or snow that winter storms can stir up. But running utility lines underground shields them from severe weather, falling tree branches and the like.

Reduced Risk of Vandalism and Destruction

During times of unrest, the temptation for nefarious elements to do things that gain attention runs high. Placing utility lines underground makes it difficult to interfere with power supplies and communication connectivity.

Protection From Pests

Pests are a common problem for commercial and residential properties, with exposed power and communication lines enticing for some species of animals to chew on. This can interrupt power or telecom services and leave you with costly repairs. Underground utility installation in Auburn helps ensure that squirrels, mice and other pests can’t access Auburn-area lines and damage them.

Interested in Underground Utility Installation in Auburn?

If you want to explore the benefits of placing utility lines underground, the pros at Master Bore are happy to assess your situation and advise the best solution. Along with utilities installation, Master Bore’s expert team provides trenchless sewer repair and trenching and excavation services to residential and commercial customers. Licensed, bonded, insured, and local family-owned, Mater Bore offers a wide range of underground solutions including waterproofing and drainage sservices. Call or email for a free estimate!

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