Benefits of Underground Power Lines in Seattle

Master Bore Seattle underground power linesWhen planning out the layout of your utility lines, you should always be thinking about how they will affect the property itself. Whether your concerns are aesthetic, economic or practical, underground power lines make your property more appealing and efficient. Find out some of the benefits of burying your utility lines. 

Visually Attractive

Reducing the number of power lines that are running through the air near your home is a great way to improve the overall look. By burying your lines with professional excavation, you can keep your property free of visual impediments and leave room for future improvements.


Buried power lines are much less likely to be the cause of accidents or fires. They help reduce the number of poles that are up in your area, which can be a traffic hazard. With the lines safely underground along with your sewer lines and your water lines, you can worry less about potential problems. 

Less Maintenance 

With underground power lines, you can be sure that your power will be safe no matter what the weather is like. Wind and heavy snow will not interrupt your service the way they might with power lines mounted on poles. 

Need Underground Power Lines in Seattle?

If you are interested in the idea of burying your power lines, Master Bore is here to help. We can also help with directional drilling projects as well as trenchless sewer repair. Our underground utilities team is fully licensed, bonded and insured for residential and commercial work. We are committed to quality and safety while ensuring compliance with applicable municipal codes. Contact us today for more information about the benefits of underground power lines.     

Expert Underground Power Lines Installation in Seattle

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