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Master Bore is an experienced, high-quality underground utilities contractor serving home and business owners in the greater Seattle area. Underground utility installation and repair must meet the strict standards set by the applicable municipality, and our experienced crews have the expertise to install water, sewer and power line infrastructure of all types and sizes. Ranging from new construction to repairs of existing mains, pipes and lines, we get the job done correctly with minimal disruption.


Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is most commonly used for installation or repair of underground pipe, conduit or communication cable in areas where traditional open-cut trenching and excavation is difficult to achieve. Used with many different types of pipe or conduit materials including PVC, ductile iron, steel, polypropylene and polyethylene, as long as the pipe has the thickness and material strength to withstand the stress, it can be utilized. The amount of ground surface needed for directional drilling is minimal, since with the exception of the entry and exit sites of the drill bit, almost all drilling is done underground.

Trenchless Sewer & Water Line Repair

The beauty of trenchless sewer and water line repair is that doesn’t require digging up lawn or walkways. With a variety of advanced techniques at our disposal, we can ensure your yard stays intact while we repair your pipes.

Sewer Pipelining

When it comes to sewer pipeline repair, one popular technology we employ is pipelining. This method involves inserting a new pipe inside the old, compromised one. It’s cost-effective, efficient, very effective ansd minimally intrusive.

Underground Power Line Work

Underground power lines increase the natural outdoor aesthetics of your property, and have been proven to be just as effective as the above-ground alternative. When installed using trenchless technology, landscaping, parking lots or other outdoor areas of your property aren’t disturbed or destroyed. The experienced pros at Master Bore will leave your property looking the same as when we first arrived!

Signs That Underground Utility Repair May Be Needed

Though you may not yet be experiencing a serious or disruptive incident related to your water pipes or sewer, call us if you see any of the signs of trouble below. You could save tens of thousands of dollars by heading off major damage and repair.

  • Corrosion in the soil around underground piping: Concentration of corrosive materials in the soil in city environments is usually much higher than in rural areas. Over time, corrosive soil conditions can eat at piping until it becomes brittle enough to break.

  • Changes in water pressure: If your main water line has been weakened from corrosion over time, changes in water temperature inside the line can cause pressure changes that can cause line failure. This can also occur when fire hydrants are opened and closed improperly.

  • Interruption of underground utility service due to construction work: When contractors or homeowners aren’t careful where they dig, it’s possible to unintentionally damage or break water pipes. Immediate attention is then required!

  • Aging water pipes: Piping becomes brittle and breaks more easily as it ages, especially if made of cast iron which doesn’t flex with changing water pressure.

Your Local Underground Utilities Experts

Master Bore is an expert underground utilities contractor offering water, power, gas and telecommunications piping, wiring and repair. Safety is a top priority for us while on your property, and we ensure all our employees work in a safe manner. With the authority to stop work if they see an unsafe situation, we believe teamwork brings out the best in all of us, and collaboration, communication and openness are core to our culture. We only employ those who’ve proven they can be counted on to do the right thing in any situation.

The pros at Master Bore have an admitted bias in favor of trenchless sewer line repair. We know the great benefit it provides for our customers over traditional repair methods. Reduced Repair TimeOne of the most time-consuming lements of traditional sewer line repair is the amount of digging needed to reach the malfunctioning area. Trenchless solutions require a minimal amount of digging – only one or...
Connection of your water pipes to city water supply must be done by the city. All outdoor water pipelines must have at least 2 feet of ground cover from all angles. All work must be in compliance with Seattle’s Uniform Plumbing Code. Water lines must be brass, copper SS, DI, CPVC, PE, PEX, HDPE or PVC. Plastic pipe (which isn’t approved to go through the building...
Traditional sewer repair can be a major disruption in your day-to-day life. It can cause a lot of upheaval around your home. It may also disturb your underground utilities. That’s why trenchless sewer repair can be such a great option. Knowing some of its advantages can help you make the right decision.   Faster Service  One of the biggest benefits of trenchless repair for your sewer is speed....


Expert Underground Utilities Contractors

The pros at Master Bore work with all types of residential commercial underground utilities, including storm sewers, storm drain and detention systems, sanitary sewers and water mains and more. We also provide underground services for power and gas systems, telephone, cable and broadband. If you need underground directional drilling, trenchless excavation, pipe relining or any other services an underground utilities contractor can provide, contact our team today!